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Five Went To Sea

Presentation videos now out

I am very pleased to be able to share some of the amazing presentations from the cruise - just a pinch of the pleasure we shared. Four hours of presentations plus 1 hour 40 minutes of “talking heads”. When the four of us get together we love to talk training, protocols, strategies, ideas, understandings. It is a challenge to stop us!

The presentations and audio are on discs  More details .....

or download: More details ....

Now addicted, totally loyal to the Ship, and a lifetime Five Go To Sea sailor.
What an amazing adventure. New experiences shared with great company. Learning, leisure and luxury combined. More stories and pictures from the Cruise…..

Alaska 2015 registration is now open: view the Agenda ......


Life’s adventures continue:

Merrick is now 6 months old - read about The Age of Objection blog ...

 “... all the carefully, thoughtfully taught behaviours are falling apart. Despite maintaining and increasing the reinforcement “mass”, the behaviours such as:

    speed control: “Merrick” = run towards me and plan to stop
    responding to cues: “off to bed”= in your crate
    separation: “you stay there” = as I walkout through the gate

are deteriorating.

Yes, it happens to the best of us!


At the Barn

Outside the Box in July was a tremendous 3 days of learning. Thanks to everyone that made it, especially “Button” Steve whose learning experience was felt by all of us!

Thoughts of Autumn lead to

Good Times coming in the Barn:

The very popular Clicker Trainer Super Trainer course starts again: Sep 6, Oct 5, Nov 1, Nov 30, Jan 4. I am very pleased to announce for the serial learners that you get your fourth run of the course for FREE!

Many of you want to continue to work on your skills and keep moving forward so we now have the Extra Super Clicker Trainer days for those who have completed the course running regularly over the Winter.

Having been freshly milled by Merrick and experience the current Age of Objection I am sharing my learning in day workshops. Puppy One (Sep 20) for those up to 6 months, or even thinking of future happiness, and Teenagers (Oct 26) 6-16 months for those seriously questioning their sanity. Ideal if you want to come along with your own pup or teach classes - lots of ideas, which are probably a little Outside the Box.

Interest in Heelwork to Music? Then you cannot miss this unique chance to join us for the Michele Pouliot weekend (Oct 11 & 12). She is visiting for the Clicker Expo in Manchester and generously adding a few days for us at the Barn. Beginners on Saturday and Advanced on Sunday.

I am also thrilled to welcome Emma Parsons to the Barn next March (10 & 11th). She is very experienced in helping people with reactive dogs and has put together a comprehensive course for anyone who runs classes.

I have the usual popular workshops for Border Collies, Treasure Hunting and Lesley will run her Great Day Out Wagmore Workshop



Book of the Moment

chaserI can highly recommend John Pilley’s “Chaser”. Unlocking the genius of the dog who knows a thousand words. A much appreciated birthday gift from someone who knows how to buy the perfect gift. The book is detailed enough for any trainer, scientifically clear without the woolly references, and a testament of dedication. Even if you have not experienced training a collie this is an authentic, genuine book about the love of teaching a dog.

If you heart belongs to collies, or your friend’s heart does, then don’t hesitate, this will be one of your favourite books and a perfect gift.  

(I’ll not include a link as searching will source your best option)



Clicker Revolution FB Group

Clicker Revolution has topped over 1200 copies sold so to celebrate I have started an informal group on Facebook-Clicker Revolution for opportunities to explore your revolution: Pop along for a chat and meet the other revolutionists!

Official blurb and options to buy .....


Merrick young hunter
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05 October 2014