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Clicker Revolution has just topped over 1000 copies sold so to celebrate I have started an informal group on Facebook-Clicker Revolution for opportunities to explore your revolution: Pop along for a chat and meet the other revolutionists!

Official blurb and options to buy .....

I am very proud of this spontaneous review from a professional author ..... ooooerrr! Manda Scott

As you may have gathered I am not one to play the "publisher game" and seek reciprocal endorsement. You want to learn. I write, you like, I write again. Simple.

More writing was stimulated by a conversation in the recent class of the last Unit of our current Intelligent Dog Trainers Course. The students are building their own projects in topics they are passionate about which vary from complex training ambitions to changing the world for our dogs.

How many of us are visited by clients who “really should have known better"? Responding to an impulse buy they now have a puppy that is not quite what they planned. Please feel free to re-publish, and support the folk who ARE doing the research and HAVE asked the right questions and waited until their lifestyle and bank balance are ready for a puppy.


Intelligent Dog Trainer’s Course

starting next week Jan 14th

An opportunity to study with Kay and expand your learning far wider and deeper that you could imagine with the online course.

You will be taken on a journey of spectacular discovery and be ensured of seeing your dogs, and their lives, through new eyes. all the details.....




I was mentioning the cruise in the class the other night and someone mentioned I would have to start polishing my toenails. It took me several hours to realise the significance. I rarely see my toenails in January, thick socks to prevent a visitation of chilblains means they are well wrapped for Winter. But hey - Caribbean sunshine, white coloured clothing, sun hats, open toes .... yaay!!! Dreams of warm winds, gentle swaying can certainly get me to sleep at night. fbprofile

We are engineering our learning opportunities and of course you will be guaranteed of some wicked thinking. So if you are ready to jump on board and out of the box at the same time - Think Cruise. Think Five Go To Sea. Book soon ......



Launching into 2014

New workshops: Two Dog Day, Treasure Hunting, Keep Calm and Connect, Concepts, Creativity and Challenges.

Clicker Trainer Super Trainer - the practical application of Clicker Revolution is now in weekend, weekday, and weekend format - no chance you will miss out!

Workshops are expanding to Fridays to fit them all in.


Outside the Box 2014

A really great Outside the Box get together in 2013 - community definitely creates inspiration. I was planning to be tired after 9 days of working seminars but quite the opposite - I woke in the early hours with ideas buzzing through the bedroom. Thanks to everyone that attended and Wagged More with us, especially the presenters: Sue Evans, Vince Forehead, and Shaun Kenvyn; generously sharing their experience and life-journeys to where they are now: managing very successful training businesses.

    Dates for next year are:
    Teachers, Climbing Outside the Box: Jun 19-22
    Clicker Trainers, Thoughtful Trainers Living Outside the Box: 10 - 13 Jul
    (this has changed from previous advert)


Travel Plans:


October 18-20 Glasgow contact, although we will be playing with dogs, and especially a Border Collie Day on 18 Oct in Dunoon.

Oct 25 -27 At Tails U Win in CT, USA. My 5th visit to Lesley Nelson's great training premises. She promises me no snow this year.  Contact Tails direct if you want to be included in their mailing for this event.

December 6-8,  I shall return to Madrid for 3 days of seminars and workshops.


March 22 ORCA, Texas.

March 28-30 Clicker Expo, Norfolk. VA. 

April 18-26 - Caribbean Here we come

                 Our Five Go To Sea CRUISE!!!!

Jul 16-20 - Calgary, Canada


Jul 26-27 - Milwaukee, USA.


Sep 24-28 - Poland.



Famous Five Go Down to the Sea?

Many of you will not have enjoyed Enid Blyton’s  Famous Five books as a child. But for us it was the Harry Potter of our days. The “Five” did include a dog, Timmy and “the lashings of ginger beer” was a latter day association, but if you are joining us on the Five Go To Sea cruise I will do my very best to acquire Ginger Beer for our reception!

I am thrilled with your response to our Five Go To Sea 2014 cruise - who says anticipation is not reinforcing?! This will be the Ultimate Ideas Generator for anyone in teaching animals and people. I have gathered the very best people to stimulate your creativity and deepen your understanding: Alex Kurland: generator of the click-riding and horse teaching protocols, Ken Ramirez: famed throughout the marine and zoo world for the highest quality teaching and animal management and Jesus Rosales Ruiz who can throw a rope around us all and keep our feet in touch with the academic behavioural analysis. Not only will we have three and a half days of formal topics to focus our global ideas, but also those precious chances to interact in the in-between moments. Seven Whole Days ...... mmmm, yummy.

Update on Five Go To Sea

I had a very excited email from a lady who was reading our Five go To Sea website:

 "I am getting used to all the in-your-face marketing that is selling the things I don't want. I have found my weak point - all the things I could learn on your cruise. I was getting more and more excited as I read through all the bios of the speakers. These are usually a dry list of qualifications, but when I looked at all the different things you individually are doing I really wanted to the part of that learning."

I have to admit as I read through Ken, Jesus and Alex's bios I also get a frisson of excitement. Works for me far more than shopping or new shoes! If you are looking for a quickening of your pulse - go explore:

It is the stuff we teach that tells you so much more about what we do, who we are and what our passions are for.


Every Dog Goes Digital

After several journeys around the block Every Dog Every Day book and video has become digital. Despite being attracted to Kindle (I adore my Kindle for bedtime and aeroplane reading), exploring ibook, flirting with ePubs and the rest, I have landed in pdf-world. You can now download the pdf from our shop (15) which includes unlimited viewing of the accompanying video. And I must say it looks most sexy on an iPad which must have been made just for this book!

Buy the pdf


keep-calm - Copy

Evening Classes

7-9pm. K9 Multi Sports with Helen Phillips

6.30 WAGMORE Dogs with Lesley Buxton

7-9pm Amazing Dogs - Challenge your skills with Kay Laurence

7-9pm Do the Training Advanced skills
with Kay Laurence

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10 January 2014