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Summer Lifeskills on monthly Sundays. Puppies all morning, Amazing dogs all afternoon

Foundation and Performance Course for sports dogs

Teaching Lifeskills 3 day seminar

Subscription courses:

Play To Learn for all the games you could ever want

Dressage, teaching exquisite movement with balance, poise and style

Trainer Course (TAKL) starting July 2017

    2 year course exploring all the practical skills, ethics, application and understanding.

Antarctica advert

My only trip to the USA in 2017 - what a wonderful opportunity.

Our own Conference, in one of my favourite places with my favourite people talking about my favourite topics.

The sparks shall be lighting many candles .....

Very much a trip to look forward to ... see you there?

Ohgoodnessme, yes it is true.

Our third cruise, our greatest adventure.

Two weeks sailing from Buenos Aires, round the Magellan Islands, Antartica, Falklands.

... and who would you want to listen to when watch the South Seas? Ken of course!

Very, very special .... see you there?

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Training based on science and understanding, Delivered with experience and empathy, Reinforced from the heart with passion, joy and enthusiasm
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