We are situated on a working farm in Gloucestershire, nearly a mile from the nearest road. Access may be tricky in extreme weather, but it means the dogs are safe from traffic, we can train in a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere, and the dogs noticeable reduce stress levels through the day.

The Barn is fully carpeted. Odd for a dog training centre you may think, but we have very few accidents, and the dogs and people both settle well. Comfort is important when you are learning. We also find that the dogs move well on the surface. This is particularly important to give confidence for puppies and any activities where balance, turning speed and grip is important. We love the carpet, but we hate the vacuuming!.


Heating is a challenge in the winter, so please remember to dress warm, as if your were training outdoors. We can protect you from wind and rain, but not the cold.

During the summer you must make a note to bring sheet for covering for the car as parking under shade is limited.

The Barn has a kitchen area, with fridge, microwave and kettle.

We have an extensive range of training equipment for the classes: cones, poles, jumps, tunnels, mats, shaping objects, faux dogs.

We recommend small squares of sliced cooked sandwich meats for treats. Dried food, packaged commercial titbits and sausages will make the dogs too thirsty with the amount of work we may cover.

This is a working farm. No dogs are allowed to run off lead. The area you can walk your dogs is only around the parking area. Please respect this and DO NOT walk your dogs anywhere else. If you dogs needs a “good run” before the workshop you must arrange this before you arrive.

We do not have rubbish collection. Anything that your dog deposits must be picked up. you must take your own rubbish home with you. Unsupervised children cannot attend.

The parking area and surrounding grass can be extremely muddy, please bring boots as I will not allow you to walk into the barn on our carpet in outdoor shoes.

A Wag More day ...

We want your experience with us to be enjoyable and as stress free as possible. Your behaviour will impact on other people, we would just like to remind you of the courtesies that make the day a "Wag More Day" for everyone:

Barn opens 30 minutes before we begin, tea and coffee at the ready. Do not bring your dog into the Barn immediately, there is usually a briefing before we begin training with the dogs.

We have a restriction of no more than 8 working places on  workshops. 

Please do not bring bitches in season. Bring a your dog on a plain collar and lead. If you are bringing non-participative dogs you must ensure they are content and safe to leave in your car and will not bark excessively.

Bring something to cover the car in hot weather.

mouse game
The Barn

We recommend all puppies are vaccinated before attending class

Please do not bring bitches in season, or dogs with potentially infectious disease such as kennel cough.

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