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Kay has shared her life with many dogs over many years observing their daily interactions, their puppy rearing and enjoying a variety of activities. They skilfully teach the art of living as a harmonious group and developing connection. This understanding and skill is shared through the books and workshops where a consistent high quality of results with a range of different dogs and people is achieved.

With her passion for understanding dogs and her experience of teaching, Kay leads the way in developing practical techniques that will leave you with and a with great sense of personal achievement and connection to your dog.

From a first career in aviation, through a second career in teaching to the ultimate career as a trainer and teacher in her own business.

Presentations include:

    Karen Pryor Clicker Expo: from 2004 to date presenting several times a year in the US and Europe.

    Organisation for Reinforcement Contingencies in Animals (ORCA) "Wicked Minds" Conference at the University of North Texas from 2006

    Institute of Modern Trainer (IMDT) Conference 2016, 2017

    WOOF Trainers and Behaviourists Conference 2014, 2017

    Australia Association Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Conference, Sydney 2011.

Kay is considered one of the world’s top trainers. With 10 titles published and translated into German, French and Spanish, her exciting course of books and videos brings you her unique combination of talents.

The unique perspective is the three fold mixture of education, experience and pioneering training methods. This gives the knowledge to apply the training theories to our dogs and transfer the best of that experience to teaching others.

Learning About Dogs was registered as a business in 2000. Although learning about dogs was Kay’s main aim for the previous 25 years, registering the company began the focus of a strong organisation now recognised around the world.

Learning About Dogs is a training and education business in the Cotswolds at the Wagmore Barn Centre of most excellent training, thinking and canine enjoyment.

Regular workshops are held at weekends and evenings at her own training facility in the UK, around the UK, across the US and around the world teaching a wide range of training skills and encouraging trainers to enjoy the expansive views outside the box.

For those unable to reach the Barn you can learn with the online courses. 

The business includes book and video publishing, classes, courses and seminars, virtual classes, practical hands-on workshops and the certification of trainers and teachers.

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