Play together. Live together.

Play is ultimate communication that enhances our relationship and develops connection. From gentle, sleepy games to exquisite physical exercise.

We should all enjoy play. We need to play we clear purpose, good intention and a defined objective. Dogs will be more than happy to teach us play skills, but we should never forget that what we are practising can quickly, super quick, turn into permanent.

    The return with the toy that morphs into a fly-pass.
    ~This can be shaped to a masterly retrieve for pleasure.

    The ball catcher that plays get-it-from-me-if-you-can.
    This can be safely develop to building fitness and speed.

    The tugger that see shoulder surgery as a necessity.
    This can become a shared give and take without conflict.

    The chasing that goes beyond sensibility.
    This can used to develop exquisite co-ordination. 

Play Master
mouse game

Games can be your most valued classroom, teaching skills, used as reinforcers, changing emotional states.

This course will teach a wide variety of games, their safety limitations, risk analysis and values.

How to draw out the instinctive behaviours of the individual dogs giving the added incentives.

Using games to relieve stress, build fitness, replace conflicting outings.

Merge these play-skills into usable training and build a long term process of reinforcement.

Limited to 8 working spots. Spectator spots are available


The Play to Learn online course covers many of the games that we look at in the 3 day course, with more detail and resources.  

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