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Very few folk set about choosing a dog sports to dedicate their weekends, evenings, lifestyle, vehicle choice and outfits to. We all sort of morph towards a common element we may enjoy with our dogs, accessibility and shared social activities.

Probably the key element in choosing our dog sports is the training resources - beginning with a trainer who has the experience and knowledge to reliably guide us towards achievement and enjoyment from our investment.

These days there are few limitations on the Sports Dog dog we choose but essential for all young dogs is a pathway that provides the essential, and particular, foundation skills needed for competition training and competition performance.

The vast knowledge available today enhances our understanding of how learning happens, how to develop top, consistent and reliable performers. When I begin 40 years ago the style was to copy a successful handler and hope with luck and a following wind that the same principles that worked for them would work for me and my dog. I was lucky and achieved the highest success with my first dog.

Since then what was "just a hobby" has expanded into a lifetime interest and continually fascinating learning experience. 

Sports Dog

Two new courses for enthusiastic trainers who regard their weekend investments a little more than "just a hobby".
Folk with a passion to train their dogs in the very best way possible that is based on:

Clear ethical boundaries

  • where short cuts to achieve results are simply not considered as an option,
  • teaching dogs to want to achieve consistent, accurate behaviours. No room for the bullying tactics, no "must do", no compulsion, no leads, no pressure.
  • keenness, confidence, anticipation, understanding. No frenetic, stressed or over aroused dogs.

Sound scientific knowledge

  • a clear understanding of how appropriate reinforcement processes are going to build your dog's skills, build their understanding and allow them to become active, puzzle solving partners
  • structured curriculum that requires daily input to achieve the sort of dog we all dream of. Dogs are very consistent at responding to the training in the best way they can. They do not choose to let us down unless they are pushed beyond their capabilities. A balanced curriculum builds and expands those capabilities.

Experience across the range of training protocols

  • using a variety of strategies to be able to explain to the dog what we are asking them to learn, how to do it and trust that their success is our priority - shaping, luring, modelling, moulding
  • training protocols that expand beyond the sport specifics into the instinctive behaviours, lifeskills, developmental periods and can match the skills of the partnership

Foundation Course
This is for new or young dogs from 16 weeks to four years old to learn the foundation skills: focus, duration, response, fluency, fitness, stillness, awareness .... starting again 2018

Performers Course
This is for dogs already entering competitions that require additional skills to enhance their chance of success. These may be foundation skills or re-adjustment of existing training... starting again 2018

All training is within my ethical boundaries, no aversive techniques, no bullying, no pressure or corrections. We simply do not need to do it. Training by subtracting what you don't want (punishment) to have the residue your desired choice is ridiculously illogical when the "residue" behaviours are expected to achieve a consistent and joyful level of performance.

We use brains, knowledge and experience to make sure your dog has the best experience to enjoy our choice of hobby. Constructing behaviours, building experience and confidence, developing trust between partners is the future of training better.

Training better, training harder. Getting results. Nothing quite so fulfilling as knowing you have done the work, prepared your team, and then step into a chance to compete.

Limited to 10 working spots. 


Performance skills

  • learning how to teach the dog for the future not just for now.
  • what performance cues the dogs will need to learn and select and how to develop these from training cues
  • building confidence and comfort for ring conditions, no anxiety, no stress.

And of course a dog who shines and competes with a glitter in their eyes for the extra special hours you enjoy together.

The courses are limited to 10 dogs trainer teams over four, monthly workshops. These workshops will be long days starting at 9am and finishing about 6pm. All participants are expected to completed several pieces of training exercises between workshops.

This training is no breeze, it is going to be hard work and requires time and commitment.

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