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Every Day Lifeskillslifeskills - Copy

These are orientated around teaching you and your dogs how to live together with the least amount of stress - in a true Wag More Bark Less environment! We teach:

    parking your dog the safety protocol that enables mutual relaxation
    walking together walk your dog anywhere with ease and lay down the basics for free running in the future
    greeting protocols meeting your dog’s needs to reduce jumping up, learning to “walk on by”.
    learning to play enjoying quality activities with your dog with safety rules

Lifeskills workshops give your dog lots of opportunities to practice their skills in different situations, and also for you to learn how to manage your dog. This 4 hour learning opportunity is ideal for assessment and gaining experience in a range of strategies to manage high energy dogs. for dogs over 6 months old 


The Connection Weekendconnection

Connection with our dogs is a wonderful feeling but there are times when the demands of our  worlds collide and we feel the connection is anything but perfect. Our dogs do not understand why they have to give up chasing a squirrel, and we do not understand why they will not be quiet. Connection is about learning how the dog sees the world and showing them that living in our world is not always about giving up the good things, we have a wealth of really great things we can enjoy with them.

The Connection Weekend is learning about your dog through many activities, both energising and thoughtful, that deepen the connection through understanding. Finding the balance in your relationship and being in tune with each other. Exploring fun-credits we can give the dog for the compromises they need to make to live in our world.

Suitable for anyone who wants to develop a stronger connection. Where life goes along pretty well, but you feel there is something that could be enjoyed more, or a few cracks that need to be filled. No major stresses but perhaps some irritations that could do with removing.



Recall WorkshopRecall

We all have a dream of taking our dogs for stress free, relaxing walks. The dog cruising the countryside smells, popping to and fro to re-connect with us and smiling faces when we return. Often we end up more tense, returning shattered from the stress and wonder why we bothered? Relaxing it ain’t.

If you have an essentially social dog, that perhaps sees “add a friend” as a lifetime career, or even the dog that regards every scent as a hunting challenge then this is the ideal workshop to work on your training, and perception of a recall. Setting up the basic skills, reading the environment and anticipating success.

Running towards you is rarely the issue, learning to give up the ”moment” of enjoyment (insert: head in a rabbit hole, opportunity for sex, a roll in undesirable offerings, chasing air,) is the challenge. This workshop will carefully go through the steps or “give up that for this” protocol.

This is NOT a workshop for dogs that have anxieties about strange dogs or people, but this would be ideal for new dogs or puppies in preparation of free running. If the weather is suitable there will be opportunity to work outside, please dress suitably.

Please bring a favourite toy or two for this day plus oodles of smelly food.



Hunt for Treasure!

Treasure hunting is the canine interpretation of our "walk". Where noses come alive explore, investigate and continually shop for treasure. This does not have to be an exclusive canine exercise. We can join our dogs in their hunting by structuring the learning into seeking specific treasures. It quickly becomes a shared game suitable for all dogs, young or old.

By playing together we begin to learn more about each other and develop respectful opinions of each other's abilities. From truffles to socks, from peppermint to old sausage - all treasures are worth hunting for if you are there with them. 

Please bring a favourite toy or two for this day plus oodles of smelly food, and a couple of old, but washed, socks.


Border Collie Workshop

Work is fun and fun is work. 

Training Border Collies in a collie way, working with their innate skills not against them. For whatever lifestyle your collie lives, we often need to adapt the training to suit their way of seeing the world - from walking amongst traffic to being around sports. 

Games with collies to relieve everyday stresses: sheep balls and tug masters are thrilling and exacting games for your collie. 

Many sports enthusiasts are choosing the multi-talented collie, or sheepdog, to partner them in a variety of activities. From Agility to Freestyle, from Obedience to Tracking, the collies will do their best to enjoy and fully participate in the training and competition.

We employ their inherited talents; such as supreme concentration, athleticism, mental and physical stamina and enthusiasm to learn and tailor these skills to our sport's requirements. In the same package other talents can interfere with the very skills we are trying to develop, such as over arousal, response to uncontrolled activity, using prey behaviours.

This workshop focusses on teaching you about the "whole package" and learning to use ALL their talents to create a balanced partner. A critical part of developing a healthy collie is to teach relaxation and find the "off" switch.

On the day there is an opportunity to work with your dog to explore their particular talents and look at some rehabilitation strategies. Whatever breed we select we can never dismiss or ignore the selective breeding that has captured the characteristics we desire. The inherited behaviours have been fixed, multiplied in strengthened over many hundreds of generations in Border Collies and cannot be tossed away as “inconvenient” just because you do not personally need them.

Breeds that have roots going back of hundreds of years are specialists and you can no more stop a Setter or Spaniel enjoying the air, than stop a collie wanting to control movement. Suppression of these inherited behaviours can lead to a distortion of their personalities, immeasurable frustration and a lifetime of conflict between you and the dog.

Learning about Border Collies, and the associated working sheepdogs or heading dogs, can help you understand how they are designed, why you have specific behaviours that seem contrary to popular understanding, and why many of the regular training solutions seem ineffective. Using their inherited skills is probably the most reinforcing opportunity they can have. This passion, that often needs no external reinforcer, needs to be channelled towards your chosen activities, not pushed aside. You can use their skills to enhance existing behaviours, remove frustration, and as the perfect reinforcer. No sheep are needed, balls make wonderful substitutes.

Once you let your Border Collie BE a Border Collie, they enjoy life much more, seem more balanced and content within themselves.

Kay is a Border Collie specialist, with over 35 years of sharing her life with collies, nine generations of the Genabacab affix and a career developed through Obedience, Trials, Scent work, Hill Shepherding and sheep farm to Heelwork to Music. This wonderful breed needs understanding and respect for their heritage to achieve a balanced and fulfilling relationship.


Two-Dog Day

Learning the protocols of training two dogs at the same time:

  • Management of multi-dogs
  • Being clear with your cues - who, what, and when
  • Expectations for each individual and their level
  • Balancing reinforcement to the benefit of everyone.

Simultaneous multi-level learning, teaching "your turn will come", and the patience of observing without commentating for pups.

Dogs attending this day should have a good understanding of the basic lifeskills



Also known as: The Age of Objection. Suitable for youngsters 6-16months old. 

You loved your puppy SO much. She was perfect. But adolescence arrived and you are now wondering if you have made a mistake. Everything you thought you had carefully taught no longer exists. 

This adolescent period is hard for the "subject" and everyone around them. We can survive this period and maintain a healthy relationship. Activities for teenage brains are specialised, needs lots of patience and can significantly support development through this period.

Teenage bodies are fast growing and need constant adaptation. Skills that they were once mastering are now lost, staircases become a new challenge. The world around them needs adjustment. Into this confusion we spice their understanding with hormones. The agenda changes. "Affection" now means something different. 

Support is at hand. You have not done anything wrong but you may need to make changes to avoid lifelong mistakes that you will have to live with. They used to come when you called them. This is NOT the age to "let them run free", even though it gives you a few quiet hours, what they are learning is not going to be unlearned. 


Puppy Onepupone

A day out for you and your puppy to learn about the essential skills you will need for the first few months.

Socialisation is a protocol that needs extremely careful consideration and a good understanding of before irreparable mistakes are made. We must choose who we allow to socialise with our puppies: the right choice of "mates" can make a significant difference and we have to consider what our pups are learning from every interaction. We are looking to develop a sociable adult, but we also need to prioritise a focus on us when out and about.

Exposure to our future lifestyle should be planned through a range of rich learning experiences. But there is a risk of over exposure of a tired or unprepared puppy. Planned outings can be excellent learning opportunities or a nightmare for your puppy.

Sit in really not that important. Taking a treat from your fingers without the inclusive manicure is. Teaching without punishment is a craft that leaves our relationship and connection in a healthy state.

Play is essential to normal development. But play should be constructive, safe for all players and have clear rules and understanding. Games you play with your puppy can teach many of the foundation skills we need. 

This day out will be a mixture of activities with you and your puppy, some thoughtful presentations during "nap time", and the chance to find a pathway through ALL that advice you have heard but are not sure about. 



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Learning About Dogs  - Apprentice Student

There are a phenomenal number of learning opportunities offered for those looking to further their knowledge as dog professionals. Quite forest of trees of many different varieties some strong, and quite a few that look like trees but are prone to falling over. Difficult choices.

If you are just looking for more experience in the practical application of dog training this year we are offering places on workshops with Kay Laurence as an Apprentice Student. Book the workshop in the normal fashion and attend without a dog. During the workshop you can take notes and after the workshop there will be one hour of tutorial about the strategies, protocols and solutions that were offered. You may also be asked questions …. !

There are only 2 places available on each workshops, so when you book please notify us by email that you wish to attend as an Apprentice Student. At no time may video be taken.



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